In 2023, we saw many ways that coaching could revolutionize the workplace, and we also watched challenging events unfold in workplaces where coaching mindsets are missing. This was one of our strongest reasons for creating the Great to MAGNUS Coach Certification for First Responders and Public Safety.

We’ve partnered with NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) to deliver a powerful approach to coaching by reflecting on pivotal moments in Public Safety since 2020.  Together, we see how coaching skills could be applied to those situations to change the narrative going forward. While many departments have experienced high turnover, recruiting issues, and loss of talent, some have thrived and grown.

Why do some organizations excel in maintaining high levels of performance, quality service, and outstanding relationships with their communities, while others struggle? We believe the answer lies in a human-centered approach to public safety workplaces. The following article will provide you with a starting point on how coaching tips, tools, and techniques can make a significant difference. This week, our focus is on Psychological Safety as a promising way forward.

Honoring Humanity: Building People-Centered Workplaces

Since resilience and wellness mandates have been issued, leaders have had a hard time getting employees on board or being able to focus on these concepts due to both staffing and privacy concerns. One survey shows that while small and medium departments had more sworn officers than they did in January 2020, large departments are still more than 5% below their staffing levels since 2020, even with increases from 2022-2023 (April 28, 2024; PERF Survey,  

Employers and employees alike have similar goals, but this alignment is lost when leaders neglect to consider their employees when making big decisions. Winning departments apply practical ideas and strategies to bridge this disconnect and come straight from the coaching world. Discover how coaching skills and principles from our alignment with the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) gold standard for coaching competencies can help create more psychological safety (and productivity!) in your workplace.