Now you may want to extend that value as a coach – to help others, earn some extra $$$, or stretch your wings personally and professionally…ever ask this? 

Why does coaching matter in the 21st century? With all the self-help tools and resources available, do people need coaches? Master Certified Coach (MCC) and PsyD., Marcia Reynolds along with Dr. Naim El Aswad, and I discuss this in our new Oxford University Press publication, “Coaching for Physicians in the 21st Century”.  Much like doctors, first responders, and public safety professionals share a common set of values for serving and helping – as core to your life’s purpose.  That’s why two heads are better than one. Like a second opinion, or a good partner on the job. Coaching provides a thinking partner to help us identify our thoughts and recognize our gaps while allowing us to close those gaps by asking powerful questions that reveal our true capabilities. 


Coaching bridges our connection for growth. Isn’t growth what inspires you?

I’ve been an ICF-certified professional coach for almost two decades and I’ve been an instructor and author in the industry for almost as long. There’s never been a more exciting moment – for professional coaching in public safety.  Coaching is on the edge of something big, transforming not just individuals but society. With over 109,000 coaches worldwide it’s time we develop more certified professional coaches across public safety.  But not just “coach training”, we provide ICF-accredited certification.  Only about 54,000 of those mentioned are ICF accredited.  Now’s your chance to be among the first ICF-accredited Great to MAGNUS Coach Certified Public Safety Professionals. Discover the possibilities when two minds come together – coach and client – and say yes to your aspirations to help others. Collaborative moments are where true growth and desired change begin for both you and those you serve with.