“A commitment to develop social connection and community building”  – ICF Core Values

While collaboration has been cited as one of the top benefits of working in an office by leaders and employees alike, employees were largely left in the dark as return-to-office mandates were launched. 

So, how can leaders prioritize collaboration as they prepare for major changes like return-to-office mandates? Here’s just one simple idea: ask for input and engagement. Listening sessions or surveys provide employees with an opportunity to share their opinions and experiences, setting the foundation for a co-created future of work. 

A coaching mindset is characterized by curiosity instead of traditional command-and-control leadership, and the benefits of such an approach truly go both ways. Feedback and collaboration can provide employers with the data they need to create policies that meet the needs of the business while also ensuring that their most important assets—employees—are considered, cared for, and heard.