Need Trust and Safety?

When was the last time you stepped into a secure and respectful space where you could feel free to share your innermost aspirations, desires and ambitions? Whether you’re considering a coaching credential or a coaching career as you guide yourself and others through a public safety journey, learning how to create trust and safety is essential. […]

Does Coaching Matter?

Now you may want to extend that value as a coach – to help others, earn some extra $$$, or stretch your wings personally and professionally…ever ask this?  Why does coaching matter in the 21st century? With all the self-help tools and resources available, do people need coaches? Master Certified Coach (MCC) and PsyD., Marcia […]

Coaching in a World of Challenges

Our human drives for connection and anticipation are woven into our DNA. However, modern life and daily challenges often leave us with little access to these essential life-affirming elements. According to a Cigna study, over 50% of those surveyed claim they are not understood by anyone, highlighting a crisis of connection.Coaching has emerged as a […]

Honoring Humanity: Building People-Centered Workplaces

“A commitment to being humane, kind, compassionate, and respectful towards others.” – ICF Core Value Gone are the days of assuming that employees should lead two separate lives: work and personal. While work-life balance remains as vital as ever, it’s important to acknowledge that employees are whole people who bring their unique lives and experiences into […]

Creating A Culture of Collaboration

“A commitment to develop social connection and community building”  – ICF Core Values While collaboration has been cited as one of the top benefits of working in an office by leaders and employees alike, employees were largely left in the dark as return-to-office mandates were launched.  So, how can leaders prioritize collaboration as they prepare for […]