The Power of Connection

The Great to MAGNUS Coach Training Program for First Responders and Public Safety Professionals is more than a course, it’s a place where you don’t just show up – you get to learn in a community with your peers designed with intention. Why? Because becoming a successful coach is not just about training, education, and practice, it’s […]

A Profound Impact

Participants show up dedicated to learning together, and from each other with different experiences. Of course, we have credentialed experts leading the training, but that’s not enough. We practice a blend of traditional instruction, collaborative learning, practice sessions, mentoring hours, and supervisory Q&A sessions to create a “cohort” experience that lasts beyond the classroom for […]

Grappling with Big Decisions?

In 2023, we saw many ways that coaching could revolutionize the workplace, and we also watched challenging events unfold in workplaces where coaching mindsets are missing. This was one of our strongest reasons for creating the Great to MAGNUS Coach Certification for First Responders and Public Safety. We’ve partnered with NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) […]