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strategic guidance for unparalleled success in both your personal and professional life filled with proven "GO TO" TECHNIQUES AND PERSONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT TRAINING FOR BOOSTING YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, MINDFULNESS, AND FEARLESS LEADERSHIP!

"Emotional Brilliance is Your Ticket To

Welcome to the EB Academy. We offer strategic guidance for unparalleled success in both your personal and professional life filled with proven “go to” techniques and personal skills development training for boosting your emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and fearless leadership!
The EB Academy OnePass offers interactive audio sessions covering the fearless leaders essential knowledge and LDN leadership, PLUS a weekly-updated library of content that teaches our most powerful psychological tools for turbo-charging your fearless leadership implementation.


$299 Value

$79 / 3 Months

Limited Time Offer!

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$299 Value


$79 / 3 Months!

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Coming Soon

"Emotional Brilliance is Your Ticket To
A More Brilliant You!"

"Emotional Brilliance is Your Ticket To

Thinking about what makes you a better you. With our 30 audio files and 10 PDFs you can begin your journey with self exploration.

Feeling your emotions and connecting with yourself. Get in touch with your inner self with the Emotional Brilliance Academy OnePass.

Doing the work to become a More Brilliant You. Take our quizzes, surveys, and more to work your way to Emotional Brilliance.

The Emotional Brilliance Pass

The EB OnePass offers the same accelerated audio covering the fearless leaders essential knowledge as the basic package, PLUS 5 video sessions that teach our most powerful psychological tools for turbo-charging your fearless leadership implementation. 

What is it?

This is our most complete and advanced product that doesn’t include one-on-one coaching. As such it takes the core teachings from the Basic Blueprint for Success and adds in 5 Techniques videos designed to give you those “go-to” tools for helping you keep your fearless leaders changes and strategies on track.

Tools and techniques that deal with:

  • How to take control of your physiology when stress threatens to take you out of your Fearless Mindset
  • How to keep energy vampires from draining you or thwarting your efforts to transform into a fearless leader
  • How to train your brain to strengthen its courageous neuro networks
  • And more.

These really are go-to tools for modern leaders looking to consistently operate from their highest consciousness. This Complete Blueprint for Success has been taught across industries with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


If you go through this program, you’ll transform the way you
  • Approach your job,
  • Lead (both your coworkers and employees),
  • Act in the face of upsets and setbacks,
  • Deal with difficult conversations, and
  • Create and cultivate your personal “command presence” and “command climate”

You’ll also learn:

  • How to protect your energy for your most productive pursuits and thwart those people and events that would drain energy from you while giving you nothing in return.
  • How to train your “courage muscle”
  • The essential steps to “combat breathing” for the modern executive
  • Ways to become more resilient in the face of set-backs and challenges

30 world-class courses unlocked right now! Then two new courses unlocked every single month!

Save THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars, and get a proven personal development curriculum that leads to measurable long-term success and well-being.

What You Get

Opening up with an audio introduction, you’ll get 14 Fearless Focus interactive sessions, lasting 8-12 minutes a piece.

During these sessions Dr. Cathy Greenberg will walk you through the framework of the fearless leaders coaching model:

  • Creating Fearless Space
  • Setting a Fearless Mindset
  • Inspiring & Motivating Teams
  • Fearless Change & Innovation
  • Cultivating A Culture to Thrive In
  • Confidently Leading Transitions

In addition to the audio Fearless Focus session you will also receive 12 LDN leadership sessions, resources, and videos including

  • The EQ Leader Speaks
  • The Energy Audit
  • Fearless Leaders Breathing Exercise
  • Living in a VUCA world
  • How to learn from failure
The library will update weekly with new LDN content, videos, and new interactive sessions!

The Process

The Emotional Brilliance OnePass gives you our expertise, as well as guest coaches from around the world.

In addition to the audio and video coaching sessions, you will also receive links to PDF downloads of The Complete Fearless Leaders Exercises manual as well as The Fearless Leaders workbook.

Each page for the learning module will contain a comments section where you can post any questions the you might have on the material.

When you’ve listened to or downloaded the final module, we will contact you with special offers to upgrade and continue your Fearless Leaders Journey — offers unavailable to non graduates.

Course Catalog

We all know we need Emotional Intelligence competencies to be a star. Where are you? What do you need to focus on more. Take our EI Star Profile. See if you have any derailers that may limit you with our Derailer Detector? Watch our short action plan video.
Emotions are heightened in our pandemic and from many working from home. See how you can navigate these emotions for yourself and lead others as a manager, parent or leader. What are the micro-initiatives that will help you master these challenging moments?
Modules on:
  • Emotional Intelligence assessments
  • Developing an action plan
  • Videos navigating COVID 19 challenges
  • Top and tools to develop yourself
  • Tips and tool to develop others
  • Improve your focus throughout the day
  • Establishing your Emotional Style


Featuring interactive audio sessions from the LDN Leadership Radio Show, updated weekly. 


  • Leaders as Coaches
  • One Mother’s Words
  • Leading with Gratitude
  • Growth institute for Career Success
  • The Power of EI
  • Focus the Hidden Driver of Excellence
  • The EQ Leader
  • EQ – Being Smart About Your Emotions
  • Beyond Bias
  • Linkage: Purposeful Leadership
  • EI and Positive Psychology
  • EQ Leader Speaks

Updated Weekly!


Stress and Success

Including Breathing Exercises, The Science of Mindfulness, and our exclusive Energy Audit.


  • Mindfulness and Maintaining Focus
  • Mastering Impulse Control and Self Regulation
  • Overcoming Micromanagement
  • Tools for a Working Life Balance
  • Stress and the Impact on Ethical Behavior

Your Fearless Future

Audio guided interactive sessions to help you become a better leader!


  • Creating Fearless Space
  • Setting a Fearless Mindset
  • Inspiring and Motivating Teams
  • Cultivating a Climate to Thrive In
  • Confidently Leading Transitions
  • Conscious Accountability
  • Fearless Change and Innovation
  • Fearless Learning and Growth
  • Emotionally Intelligent Team Building


A library of documents, exercises, and more to help you become Emotionally Brilliant.


  • The 10 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Patterns and Emotional Style
  • Your First Focus
  • Your Main Defenses
  • Five Emotional Intelligence Strategies to Develop for Otherss
  • Five Strategies to Raise Emotional Intelligence for Yourself
  • The Illusion of Self Awareness
  • And More

Updated Weekly!

Are you ready to become a More Brilliant You? Listen below.



Exclusive access to a weekly-updated library of videos, podcasts, documents, and interactive sessions featuring Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Dr. Relly Nadler, and more.

$299 Value!

Now only $79 for three months!

Special Offer!


Including everything from the One Pass plus bonus access 50+ pieces of course content featuring Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Dr. Relly Nadler, and more.



Access LDN Leadership Developement News Exclusive Interviews, as well as Law Enforcement and Military focused content!

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